Next Girls AW15 | Friday Buyday

We popped into Next the other day and loved so much of what we saw that we had to share some of our favourite AW15 pieces for girls with you.

Girls from 3 years

Next AW15 Girls

  1. Ochre Fluffy Cardigan £11-£12
  2. Cream Embroidered Blouse £10-£11
  3. Pink Floral Blouse £8-£10
  4. Authentic Skinny Jeans £10-£20
  5. Grey Blogger Top £4-£5
  6. Beaded Relaxed Jeans £20-26
  7. Ombre Glitter Low Tops £16-£19
  8. Chocolate Star Cardigan £14-£15
  9. Denim Shirtdress £13-£19
  10. 3-pack Tights £11.50-£14.50

Don’t forget to take a look at some our favourite Next AW15 pieces for women in our previous post here.


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