Changing bag essentials

In our mini series centred around what we have found useful becoming a parent we thought we would film a video post going through what Georgie carries around in her changing bag and what she feels her essentials are. Take a look and let us know what you think. Are we missing anything you find a must-have?

The bag:

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie – as shown in our “Alternatives to changing bags” post. It’s HUGE but I find I carry around so much stuff (mainly things to entertain the kids when eating out).

In the bag:

Chapter One keyring – a bit frivolous but I love it!

Chapter One giraffe teether – this is the perfect size for little hands. Teddy has a good gnaw on the poor giraffes feet! I wish I’d purchased the beautiful teether clip as well but completely forgot! Take a look.

8 piece Tegu magnetic block pocket pouch – Teddy loves these – especially when he can stick spoons to the magnetic blocks!

Playplax interlocking squares – both Harry and Teddy play with these so much. Harry builds all kinds of things (a spaceship is a favourite) whilst Teddy loves looking through them and seeing the world in different colours.

Coloured wooden shapes – these were a gift and Harry gets completely absorbed when playing with these and have been a lifesaver in restaurants. I have found similar here.

Stabilo felt tip pens – these are great as it means no fumbling about on the floor looking for lost pen lids! They also double up as something for Teddy to shake about when bored.

Go Find It cards – great to get Harry and any of his friends involved in the great outdoors.

Railway ABC book – Harry loves letters and trains – perfect!

Car plastic box – just thought it was rather cute. Comes in packs of two and ideal for snacks…or carrying about mini cars!

Marks and Spencer make-up bags – I cut the straps off the large one (which is great for holding nappies and wipes) to make it easier to put in my bag.

Baby wipe case – I’ve used this since Harry was born. Much better than lugging about a whole pack of wipes and it keeps them moist.

MAM dummies – Teddy will not use any other make! Featured in our Newborn Essientials post.

Organic Children’s Sun Cream SPF30 – Harry’s skin has reacted to every sunscreen I’ve ever tried except this one. I bought the SPF25 but Green People have sent us the new SPF30 to try. I’ve only used it a couple of times (due to changeable weather!) but so far, so good.

Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser – again, we were sent one to try and it has been such a hit it has become a permanent fixture in my bag. It is a foam and I use it on hands as well as using it to clean surfaces before and after Teddy has eaten out.

Organic Babies soothing baby salve – I carry a small tube of this in case Harry gets itchy skin whilst we’re out. I’ve also used it as a nappy rash salve for Teddy.

Travel cutlery – by Paperchase and Fisher Price – I have found these so, so useful when we eat out. A definite recommendation.

Kikki-K personal organiser – I’m old-fashioned and can’t “do” my diary on my phone so it’s still on paper! First featured in our first “MORE” favourites video post. They don’t have the gold one anymore from what I can tell but they are always coming out with new designs.

Paperchase fold-up shopper – I constantly whip it out at the check-out (no giggling at the back). It’s been so useful.

In my make-up bag:

Green People Lip and Eye care – I love the smell of this. It is light and feels lovely to use. A little pick me up on the go.

Tom Ford “Skinny Dip” lipstick – it varies which lipstick I have but this one is a pretty nude with added Tom Ford sparkle!

Bobbi Brown blotting papers – the packaging has a fantastic large mirror and it’s perfect for blotting away oiliness (yuck) without piling on more make-up.

Hair tie – I love these elasticated hair ties. They don’t pull or snag my hair.

Concealer – this one is such a great price and good for covering under eyes and rogue spots.

So that’s it…phew! No wonder it’s such an enormous bag. Hopefully it’s given you some ideas.

Video – March mini Favourites

March mini favourite video

We’re sorry this is a bit late in going up but we have been somewhat distracted by the Easter holidays! We hope everyone has had a chance to get out and about with the little ones in the lovely weather we seem to be having. Our video for our March mini favourites ended up showcasing products whose companies all have an environmentally friendly ethos.

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minis Spring Fashion Haul video

minis Spring Fashion Haul-3


We do like a spot of children’s fashion shopping here at minis AND MORE… and have recently added to the minis’ wardrobes for Spring. We have a few bits for girls, boys and baby boys from Gap, Boden, Zara, Next and H&M. Some of the items are already in the sale at Gap so don’t miss out.

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Katie & Georgie

Mami 2 Five

Video – February MORE Favourites

After launching our first video as parent vloggers sharing our February mini Favourites last week, here is our offering for grown-ups. One for the mums, dads, aunties, unlcles, grandparents, godparents, friends and frankly anyone else! This is our way of sharing with you what we have both discovered and liked in February.

We hope you enjoy the video. Do let us know any new discoveries you have made recently.

Georgie and Katie