Winter sun and Christmas fun | keeping your children safe with Merci Maman’s ID bracelet

As the Christmas holidays approach, we will be planning how to keep our kids from going crazy in the house as the excitement for Christmas builds. We are aware that although we want to allow our kids some freedom, in busy attractions during the school holidays it can be all to easy to lose sight of your precious little one.

Merck Maman personalised Kid's ID bracelet

Merci Maman personalised Kid's ID bracelet

Merci Maman kindly provided Harry with an ID bracelet earlier this year and he wears it when we are out and about. It is a bit more fashionable than many of the kid’s ID bracelets out on the market and Harry loved the fact he could choose the colour of the thread used. It could also be used as a Medical ID bracelet as they will engrave whatever you request. Harry’s bracelet has his name and Georgie’s mobile number on it just in case of an emergency.

Merci Maman Kid's ID bracelet

We went for the Open Disc style of ID bracelet but Merci Maman do have various options available. It is reasonably priced yet ticks the boxes style-wise. There is even an option to have a pair… A definite minis AND MORE… option!

Christmas gifts for new mums

Both Katie and Georgie know what it is like to have a new little person enter your life close to Christmas. 4 years ago, Katie was frantically wrapping presents at 3am on Christmas morning during the only hour that Harriet slept that whole night, and Georgie remembers it taking her two weeks to put the Christmas tree up amongst nappies, feeds and general chaos when Harry was born. Therefore, we also know that having a few lovely presents to open which allow for some luxury to enter your new exciting if somewhat sleep deprived life does help make those 4am feeds maybe a tiny, weeny bit easier (well, maybe not, but presents are always a welcome distraction). Here are our choice of Christmas gifts for new mums…

Christmas gifts for new mums

1. Animal and striped print scarf by Zara £25.99 – a large scarf is great not only as a winter warmer but also as a cover-up when breastfeeding.

2. Black ballet pumps by Air & Grace £150.00 – as a new mum, you want comfortable, easy to put on shoes and whilst Uggs have their place, it does make you feel better if you feel as though you’ve made an effort. This is where Air & Grace comes in. We will be doing a post on them shortly as Georgie has the leopard print boots and has practically lived in them since she purchased them. They are so, so comfortable, you really have to try them!

3. “Take It Slow” pyjamas £95.00 and cashmere sleep socks £35.00 (not pictured) by Yawn – a button through pyjama top is perfect should you decide to breastfeed and having a good-looking pair of PJ’s in case guests should just pop by is a must. Add a bit of luxury with some cashmere bed socks and you can lounge about with you new arrival in style. (We also feel the title of this set of pyjamas is very apt for a new mum!).

4. Delicious Almond Collection by L’Occitane £49.00 – we featured the shower oil in our new mum essentials and we still maintain it is a fast way to cleanse as well as moisturise all in one go but it has a bit of a luxurious feel to an everyday task you try to fit in around naps.

5. Beatrice Tote by JEM + BEA £199.00 – a chic changing bag makes you feel a bit more like yourself. This soft leather tote is roomy enough to carry all the essentials whilst not looking like the sickly sweet changing bags which are often found on the market.

6. Written personalised bracelet by Laura Gravestock £100.00 – this piece with the new additions name is a lovely keepsake for a new mum…and stylish too!

7. Babyliss Big Hair 50mm Rotating Hot Air brush £34.99 – as new mums we remember ever wondering if we would be able to actually get dressed before midday ever again, let alone “do” our hair. This clever gadget is easy to use, can be used on almost dry hair (so it takes less time to dry) and makes hair look styled with minimal effort.

8. Hot water bottle by Yuyu £69.00 – you may wonder why on earth you would buy someone a long hot water bottle but these are great for the aches and pains often associated with childbirth (especially backache). It can also help when breastfeeding as it can help milk supply if breasts become lumpy and sore.

As new mums, what would have been your perfect Christmas presents (apart from a full nights’ sleep, your old body back to how it was in your twenties and an in-house hairdresser?).

Winter candle favourites

So we have got there – it’s the time of year when it seems to be perpetually cold, wet and dark. It’s not always that pleasant let’s face it. Now, what we do love about this time of year is, after a long day, putting on our snuggly clothes and lighting one of favourite Winter candles – think cinnamon, orange, caramel and all those deliciously Christmassy scents…


christmas candles 2015


1. Diptyque Sapin £28.00 (larger size £48.00) – The Diptyque holiday collection candles this year are based on Autumnal trees, and this Sapin choice delights with notes of fresh pine and mandarin zest with a subtle sweetness to it too. A fabulous fresh option for the home if you prefer that to the cinnamon and sweeter candles. This is a one for the kitchen. If you don’t know Diptyque candles then they really are worth the hype. Very strong scented, they are a real favourite of ours. The added bonus is they make great make-up brush and trinket holders once they’re finished. Just pop them in the freezer and then scrape out the remaining wax. Small candle burn time: approx 30 hours.

2. Jo Loves Salted Caramel £50.00 – Jo Loves makes glorious candles. After selling her hugely successful business Jo Malone, Jo set up Jo Loves and continues to do what she does best. Scents. We will admit to not having tried this one yet, but are pretty sure it will be fabulous. If you like sweet scents, then we think this will leave your home smelling of all those sweet smells of Christmas. Small candle burn time: approx 40 hours.

3. The White Company Winter £20.00 (4-wick larger size £50.00 and even larger again £125.00) – Hugely well known, and brought out every year. It is oh so good and we just can’t resist a repeat purchase of its cinnamon, clove and orange scent every year (that’s if we haven’t finished the ones from the previous Christmas). Even unlit, they make the room smell just how Christmas should smell. Don’t forget there is often a code to be found for The White Company – we know there was a 20% off one in The Sunday Times supplement this weekend. Small candle burn time: approx 28 hours.

4. Neom Christmas Wish £34.95 (3-wick larger size £49.95) – With a gorgeous spicy orange scent this is made from a blend of 13 essential oils including Mandarin, Cinnamon and Tonka bean. This is one we have had before and love. It’s made it onto our Christmas wish-list again this year (see here) and with a sprinkling of 18ct gold on the glass votive who could resist. Just like the Diptyque candles, the glass is perfect for keeping your make-up brushes in once it’s all gone. Small candle burn time: approx 35 hours.


We’d love to know what your favourite Christmas scent is?