Winter sun and Christmas fun | keeping your children safe with Merci Maman’s ID bracelet

As the Christmas holidays approach, we will be planning how to keep our kids from going crazy in the house as the excitement for Christmas builds. We are aware that although we want to allow our kids some freedom, in busy attractions during the school holidays it can be all to easy to lose sight of your precious little one.

Merck Maman personalised Kid's ID bracelet

Merci Maman personalised Kid's ID bracelet

Merci Maman kindly provided Harry with an ID bracelet earlier this year and he wears it when we are out and about. It is a bit more fashionable than many of the kid’s ID bracelets out on the market and Harry loved the fact he could choose the colour of the thread used. It could also be used as a Medical ID bracelet as they will engrave whatever you request. Harry’s bracelet has his name and Georgie’s mobile number on it just in case of an emergency.

Merci Maman Kid's ID bracelet

We went for the Open Disc style of ID bracelet but Merci Maman do have various options available. It is reasonably priced yet ticks the boxes style-wise. There is even an option to have a pair… A definite minis AND MORE… option!

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