Boys bobble hats

So we have taken a look at the adorable pieces available for the girls (here) but lets not forget the boys! Kids in bobble hats running about in the fresh air is just the cutest sight so go all out this winter and have them looking snug, gorgeous and cuddly in what’s on offer.

boys bobble hats

1. Olivier Baby bobble hat with lightening bolt design £28.00 and garter stitch snood £28.00

2. Prjona Plym “Beyond the stars I Go” Pom Pom hat at Cissy Wears £30.00 – there is no coordinating scarf but both Katie and Georgie can highly recommend Olivier Baby cashmere snoods as they come in all colours

3. The Bonnie Mob Lester chunky pom pom hat £23.95 and Chunky knit snood £25.95

4. Chateau de Sable bobble hat and scarf set £28.99

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