Unisex Stocking fillers for babies, toddlers and kids

Some of you may not want to be thinking about Christmas yet, but like it or not, it will soon be upon us and who can resist the little ones’ faces when they discover Father Christmas has been and left them a stocking full of treats. Here are some ideas for gifts which may provide some inspiration aside from a chocolate orange.


kids stocking fillers1. Grimm’s Toys small rainbow £12.00 – this attractive rainbow can be stacked, displayed and used to learn colours.

2. Seal and sailing boat £11.95 – an adorable addition to bath time.

3. Wooden stacking beefeater by Heritage Toys £5.00 – another beautiful toy which will look good as a decorative item as your little one gets older.

4. Tegu travel pouch £15.99 – we have covered these in previous posts and we cannot say how good Tegu blocks are – Katie finds them the perfect holiday take-away toy and they are a must have in Georgie’s changing bag.

5. Ricepuffy by Noodoll £17.50 – this is a perfect little gift for a baby – soft and cuddly, just like your precious little bundle.

6. Alpha block £10.68 – Harriet loved this book when starting to learn her alphabet and Teddy loves looking through his copy now too. It is just the right size with bright illustrations for minis to be interested in. They also do a great dinosaur version of the book too.

7. Kid-O wobbly fox £9.95 – little ones love wobbly figures they can knock and watch pop up again and this colourful little chap is perfect.

8. Fisher Price retro phone £15.00 – A definite classic – who doesn’t remember this? We weren’t sure how much of a hit it would be but Teddy, Harry and Harriet all enjoy playing with theirs.


kids stocking fillers1. Green Toys submarine £9.99 – Georgie has bought this for Teddy’s stocking. The handle makes it easy to navigate around the bath and the fact it can pour water will please Teddy no end.

2. Bird calls £14.00 – these are just too lovely not to be tempted by – adults will find them just as much fun as the kids.

3. Plus Plus midi basic set £9.99 – great to pop in your handbag and good for teaching little ones fine motor skills. They also come in a smaller version for older kids.

4. OMG Colouring-in pocket game £7.00 – another good little toy to take out and about with plenty to interest your little Van Gogh.

5. Kiko+ wooden toy car £18.00 – a good size for small hands and sturdy enough to be whizzed about. Harriet has the chalkboard with wooden trees set that this matches and it’s such a good take away with you toy.

6. Large magic light ball £9.99 – kids will find the changing colours of this ball fascinating.

7. Micro animals dictionary £6.00 – the cute little cards have the names of the animals in different languages on the back.


kids stocking fillers1. Rain cloud bath toy £8.00 – Harry and Teddy love playing with this cloud but Harry likes to understand how the vacuum works to start and stop the “rain”…umm, a question for Daddy maybe…

2. Coloud Boom Kids earphones £24.95 – if you are planning on travelling over the Christmas period these might be a good idea for the stocking as they have adjustable volume control hidden away and it means that your little ones can enjoy their programme or game on a tablet whilst you listen to the radio.

3. Tegu Robo magnetic set £15.44 – another Tegu product but we are true fans!

4. Build your own den kit £14.99 – during the Christmas holidays, if the weather is not too good this could be the perfect toy to keep the little people occupied.

5. Match a pair of birds memory game £12.95 – we reviewed the bingo game here as all three of our minis love it so much. This addition is not just a basic matching game as you have to match the male and female of each species.

6. Djeco Arty toys from £6.99 – these can be simple collectables or used as characters in imaginary stories.

7. Electro Dough Kit £15.00 – encourage an interest in science whilst having fun – we don’t know a kid who doesn’t like play dough!

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