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For a while now Harry has been asking for a doll. I am not a mum to shy away from my boys having toys which may be seen as “girlie”, but for some reason I have never considered that either of them would be interested in having a doll. It’s not unusual and I do feel boys are, on the whole very caring souls but it just hasn’t been on my radar. However, I was touched Harry felt he wanted a doll to look after. Initially, Harriet let him borrow one of her dolls – a boy (he wanted a boy doll, not a girl – even though he has been asking if he can have a sister…ummmm). However, Harry couldn’t keep Harriet’s boy doll forever but he looked after it when it was in his care!

I searched all over the internet and I came across so many conversation threads questioning if people should let their sons have a doll I found it rather sad that society makes parents feel they have to question it. Harry sees his Daddy caring for him and Teddy so I think he wants to copy the behaviour.

I came across the below selection of boy dolls which I considered as possible dolls for Harry.


  1. Ecolo Baby Boy Doll by Petitcollin £35.00 (reduced from £50.00) Alex and Alexa
  2. Playtime Baby Doll by Adora £46.85 Fishpond
  3. Luis doll by HABA £15.50 Corky’s
  4. Thumb sucking doll by Corolla €50.00 Smallable
  5. Puppa Valentin First Boy Doll by Kathe Kruse £39.99 Petalina Dolls


I finally chose the Petitcollin Ecolo Baby Boy Doll because I the doll is able to close its eyes so it could be sleeping when lying down (Harry is always telling me to be quiet and tiptoe so as not to wake his doll now he has it!). I thought this doll had a gentle looking face and from a superficial point of view I loved the outfit! The doll has been a successful purchase and Harry is very caring towards it but will still go off and play with his cars and trains. I think it creates a good balance and is hopefully helping to shape a caring Daddy for the future.

harry with doll

What do you think about your boy minis having dolls…or, for that matter girl minis having “boyish” toys?

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