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It’s one of the most fought after toys amongst children – heaven forbid if you have forgotten to hide it before mini friends come over. Yes, it’s a dolls pram. We thought we would take a look at the wooden options out there. These are certainly more pricey, but could be passed down to siblings and beyond…

Following our post about choosing a doll for boys and our favourite picks of what’s out there for boys, we thought we would start with them first. Our picks for the boys are:

1. Sage green beech wood pram. With a gorgeous retro look  dolls pram has rubber edged wheels to help with grip and ensure there aren’t too many slip ups. £87.90

2. What boy could resist a ? Need I say more… £79.99

3. Specialising in making bright coloured toys, this simple wooden  from the German company Hess could be the one to brighten up your day. £55.80

4. Perfect for any modern playroom, this  is delightful. Simple wood, but with a touch of colour and such a funky design. £74.55

5. I am a big fan of Haba toys. You will see below that Harriet has a similar version of this dolls pram. Made from natural beech wood and painted with non-toxic waterbased paint, this German-made pram comes with a pillow, cover and mattress. The rubber treads on the wooden wheels help with taking those first steps. £99.98

6. The most expensive on the list. It is Haba, so again a make which I would recommend. You do get a little bit more for your money, with cushions and an adjustable handle, so it can grow with the child. Again, this pram has rubber treads and so is suitable from around the age of 1. £108.00


girls prams 2

Then looking at the equivalent for the girls. As with many of them, those with rubber treads on the wheels are suitable from a younger age and can be used as a walker for toddlers.

1. Harriet was bought this beautiful white and pink wooden dolls pram as a first Birthday present. It is high quality and withstands a lot. I often find her sitting in it whilst friends push her about! As well as having rubber treads there is an adjustable handle to suit growing minis. It comes with a pretty bedding set including a pillow, cover and mattress. £99.98

2. The lovely smooth pink and white painted finish on this dolls pram is a delight for any girl who loves her princesses. The wheels have solid rubber shock absorbing tyres for an easy ride and a solid wood handle. £80.00

3. The more animated wooden version at number 3 is in the shape of a goose. It has a rollback hood and comes with bedding. £34.99

4. Wicker prams are, in my opinion, simply beautiful. My idea for this post came yesterday when Harriet and I popped into a local boutique and what did they have but the very same one as this. Harriet adored it and didn’t want to leave it behind. Neither did I, but she really doesn’t need another dolls pram! I was very tempted though.

The wicker pram comes with a mattress, blanket and pillow and I would suggest is best for ages 3 and up as there is no grip on the wheels. £44.95

 5. This is a delightful white, natural birch and beech wooden dolls pram manufactured by Bajo. It has a moveable cotton hood and comes with a cover and pillow. Again, the rubber tyres help to give toddlers a little more control. £80.00

Hope you like our choices. Which one do you think you’d go for?



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