The book of life DVD review

The Book of Life DVD review

I would not normally think of reviewing a DVD but this animated film has been such a joy for both the boys and us grown-ups to watch I felt it was worth a mention, especially as friends I have spoken to have not heard of it. The Book of Life is a superbly animated movie from the Producer Guillermo Del Toro and Director Jorge R. Gutierrez.

The film is set in a village in Mexico (the centre of the universe according to the storyline). The story centres around a love triangle which the gods of two worlds make a wager over. Who will win the girl’s heart – the heroic soldier or the romantic bullfighter?

The Book of Life DVD review

The Book of Life is visually spectacular. I was honestly amazed when it came onto the screen. The tale itself is interjected with humour to keep us grown-ups entertained and the music is often modern songs sung in a beautiful South American manner.

I was surprised as to how the writers had, it seems, decided not to take a sugar-coated approach to the story. The heroine is feisty and independent, the story deals with death and the afterlife and some of the characters are far from cute and fluffy. I have to say I really loved this way of storytelling. It was refreshing and kept Harry’s interest. It did not patronise but led Harry on an adventure where all the main characters displayed their flaws as well as their good qualities.

The Book of Life DVD review

I would highly recommend The Book of Life DVD if you are looking for a new film to entertain and capture your kids’ imaginations. The friends of Harry who have seen it have also been drawn into the magical world of this celebration of life.

The Book of Life DVD review

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