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In the past, we have both left buying UV suits and swimwear for our minis a little too late – all the sizes are gone, and all that remains are gastly colours and horrendous prints. Well, not this time. We thought we would focus on some of our favourite pieces from our top pick brands. Take a look and we hope to provide you with some inspiration in this Swimwear for kids minis edit…




29:04 swimwear edit petit crabe

  1. UV protective pink turtle neck top with number 28 on the front ages 2-8years, £29.00
  2. Pink and white stripped bikini bottoms ages 2-8 years. The smallest sizes allow for an aqua nappy to be worn underneath, £29.00
  3. UV Bodysuit in Mud with front zip ages 0-4 years, £35.00
  4. UV protective navy turtle neck swim shirt with number 28 on the front ages 2-8years, £28.00
  5. UV protective navy and white striped shorts ages 2-8 years, £29.00




29:04 swimwear edit sunuva

  1. Striped Rash Vest in Neon ages 1-14 years, £39.00 and Striped Swim Shorts in Neon ages 1-14 years, £38.00
  2. Santa Fe Bison Rash Vest ages 1-14 years, £39.00 and Santa Fe Bison Swim Shorts ages 1-14 years, £38.00
  3. Feather Swimsuit age 1-14 years, £38.00 and Feather Rash Vest ages 1-14 years, £39.00
  4. Sunglasses Rash Vest ages 1-14 years, £39.00 and White Sunglasses Swimsuit ages 1-14 years, £39.00




29:04 swimwear edit rodini

  1. Brace Swimsuit Blue ages 9 months-11 years, £30.00
  2. Cat Face Swimsuit Black ages 9 months-11 years, £30.00
  3. Dolphin Print Swimsuit White ages 9 months-11 years, £30.00
  4. Fish Scale Print Swimshorts Blue ages 18 months-11 years, £30.00



2904 swimwear edit vilbrequin

  1. Paradise Turtle Swimsuit ages 2-10 years, from £75.00
  2. Turtle Print Board Shorts ages 2-10 years, from £55.00
  3. Paradise Turtle Bikini Top, ages 2-10 years, from £40.00… and corresponding bottoms ages 2-10 years, from £40.00


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