sale mini picks | Fun and funky prints

At minis AND MORE… we love a fun and funky print for the minis, especially in the Summertime. The Summer ’15 sales are popping up everywhere at the moment, so if you are a fan of contemporary styling then we have done some of the best kids Summer sales searching for you.


Our favourite pieces for bigger minis…



  1. Nadadelazos Cactus Dress £22.05
  2. Nadadelazos Pant Hawaiian Sea £15.00
  3. Indikidual Zig Zag Chevron Sweater £22.00
  4. Emile Et Ida Cat Mask Sweater £22.40
  5. Kid + Kind Bananas T-Shirt £16.00
  6. Beau Loves Spiked Hoodie  £26.40
  7. Picnik-Barcelona Watering can dress £12.60


And for baby minis…



  1. Emile Et Ida Thousand Stripes Hat Baby Tee £15.75
  2. Emile Et Ida Thousand Stripes Hat Baby Trousers £15.75
  3. Bobo Choses Short Sleeved Watermelon Jumpsuit £10.50
  4. Kid + Kind Eye Like You Romper £14.00
  5. Noé & Zoë Pink Stars Baby Leggings £12.00
  6. Noé & Zoë Pink Stars Baby Booties £12.00


So whether you are buying for this season, or next, it’s definitely worth a look at what’s on offer in the kids Summer sales. Happy shopping!


More picks | new mum beauty essentials

So we have given you some insight into the items that we found to be essential in helping make life at home as new parents that little bit easier in our minis Picks | Newborn Essentials post. Now we think it is time to give us mums a bit of attention. We put our heads together and have decided the these are the face and body beauty items that made getting up, getting dressed, feeling human and ready to step out into the world possible (and still do if we’re honest!). Welcome to our New Mum Beauty Essentials…




20:05 new mum beauty

  1. For a beautiful all over gradual tan, the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body can be added to your body cream, body oil or a serum. You don’t get the classic biscuit smell, and no risk of streaks either. Simply add more or less drops for the depth of colour you want to achieve. A failsafe and easy way to add some colour. This is the body version which is a new launch for this Summer. It is available for £22.85 from Escentual, which is quite a bit less than the recommended retail price of £26.00 at other stores.
  2. A product we could NOT live without, and if you get nothing else, make sure you buy this… is nipple cream. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream was our saviour. We both had tubes of the stuff all over our houses. And don’t worry, if you have lots left after you’ve stopped feeding, it is a great substitute for lip balm or hand cream.
  3. When in contact with water the L’Occitane en Provence Almond Shower Oil transforms into a lavish, softening foam. It is enriched with almond oil so you do have to like smell. It leaves your skin lovely and soft and means you have no need to moisturise dry skin after the shower. It is also great to use when shaving instead of a cream or foam. £18.00 for 250ml (and you can save when you buy the refill pack at £26.00 for 500ml).
  4. You will probably know by now what fans of the brand Green People we are. They make a 89% organic roll-on Natural Scent Free Deodorant which is a great product to use if you are conscious of using any scents around your baby or alternatively if you are suffering from any skin sensitivity after giving birth.
  5. We can’t tell you how many times you wash your hands when you have a baby. It seems never ending. The most nourishing and importantly for babies, unscented hand cream we found was the classic Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream.
  6. The Gillette Venus and Olay Razor is perfect for that 30-second shower. With no need to use a separate shaving cream, this takes as much fuss out of shaving as possible. And if you do still like to use some kind of shaving cream, then why not use it with the L’Occitane Oil above – it is fab for shaving.
  7. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a permanent fixture on our bedside tables. It’s not a magic fix for sleep, but it does help you relax and makes you concentrate on switching off. You simply spray the aromatherapy blend onto your pillowcase. It can often be a struggle to get back to sleep after middle of the night feeds, and so the spray can help you switch off and unwind.




20:05 new mum beauty2

  1. Much better than using a make-up removing face wipe, Micellar Water is soap free, alcohol free, colourant free and paraben free and when used with a cotton wool pad, cleans the face of impurities and removes make-up really easily. La Roche-Posay and Bioderma Sensibio H2O are our favourites and we would really recommend them.
  2. We tell you more about the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow above. This is the face version and is just as good. With no need to risk streaks and smelling like a biscuit, a few drops of this mixed with your usual moisturiser or face oil and you’re done.
  3. If you are someone who likes to wear make-up regularly and hate the idea of visitors seeing you with a bare face, then a CC cream could be the answer to your worries. It is so quick and easy to use with no need for brushes or the application of a separate moisturiser first. You’ll be ready to answer the door in minutes. One that we would recommend which is a favourite is the Chanel CC Cream. Chanel states that it offers five actions in one simple step – it corrects, moisturises, soothes, protects and perfects. And we would have to agree. It contains SPF 50 so you know that your sensitive new mum skin is being protected. Georgie is a big fan and wrote a full review here. At £44.00 it is definitely on the pricey side, but if you think of it as your moisturiser, your SPF and your coverage, then maybe… just maybe you could justify it.
  4. This is Katie’s absolute favourite mascara. As a self-confessed beauty junkie she has tried every high-end mascara available, and Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof Mascara has beaten them all. Let’s face it ladies, once we have had children, the tears (of joy and often despair) appear, hence we would recommend waterproof mascara. Maybelline The Rocket is £7.99 but always on 3for2, so we’d stock up).

Do any of these items make it into your new mum beauty essentials list and do you have any other product recommendations that you couldn’t live without in the beginning?

minis picks | newborn essentials

Those first few weeks at home with your new bundle of joy… does anyone really remember them?! For us at least, it was all a bit of a blur. Katie kept herself pretty bundled up at home for the first 4 weeks after an early C-section, whilst Georgie spent the first week in hospital realising she didn’t know how to change a nappy, let alone look after a tiny bundle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The start of this new phase in a family’s life can be quite daunting, so we thought we would put together a new series of posts to help out all the new parents and soon-to-be parents out there (and any friends and family who are looking for some helpful gift ideas). Welcome to first in the minis Series | Newborn Essentials.

We have put together a few items which we think could be essential (and save a lot of time and panic) to have at home for when the baby arrives. It’s not a non-exhaustive list of baby grows, vests and nappies etc, but more a few key items we found to be pretty essential to have at the ready. Let’s face it, no-one wants to deal with a mad dash to the nearest 24-hour supermarket at 3 in the morning to buy cabbage now do they! (read to the end of the post for this to make sense).

 Highchairs with newborn attachments…1205 new baby ess 4

Neither of us had particularly cuddly babies, so the option to have the babies sat high up on highchairs in the kitchen whilst we were cooking and sitting at the table suited us better. Harriet had the Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn Set (£75.00) with the Tripp Trapp Highchair (£159.00) and Harry and Teddy, the Bloom Universal Snug (£30.00) with the Fresco Highchair (£370.00). Both options are available from newborn and lift the baby up to your height at the table.

Slings and Pouches…

1205 new baby ess 10

If you have a newborn that likes to be close to you at all times, then you will find a pouch or sling a god-send. We have had so many friends who found them indispensable when trying to make tea/do the washing/cook dinner, that we couldn’t omit them from the list. A great friend of minis AND MORE… used our favourite Rockin’ Baby pouch (£59.00) with her recent new addition and loved it in the first few weeks of newborn life at home and now beyond. Read more about the great work that Rockin’ Baby do here and here on our site.


1205 new baby ess 3

You can never have enough muslins. You won’t believe it until you start to use them. The can be used as swaddles, blankets in the summer, sun shades, picnic blankets, dribble bibs, general mess wipers for milk and sick. The possibilities are endless. Our favourites are from aden + anais – Katie had the Super Star Classic set (£44.95 for four) and Georgie had the cute Jungle Jam Classic animal set (£44.95 for four).

 Bottles and Formula…

1205 new baby ess 5Whether you are planning on breastfeeding or not. Some of us struggle more with feeding than others and you don’t want to be caught short in the middle of the night with no other option. On the nights when your baby simply wants to cluster feed during a growth spurt, you may just want the option of an additional top up to give your body a rest. Our favourite bottles to start with are the Dr Brown Natural Flow ones (£19.99 for the Natural Flow Starter Kit). These are designed to create ‘no vacuum’ and reduce air bubbles in formula and breast milk. Harriet suffered with terrible wind and the Dr Brown bottles did make a noticeable difference. After trying every other one that was on the market at the time (and we are not kidding when we say EVERY one) we finally found Dr Brown. Harry suffered from colic and also struggled with numerous bottle teats until Georgie finally found the MAM Anti Colic bottles (£32.00 for the Starter Kit). These are self sterilisation bottles and take only 3 minutes in the microwave with no need for a separate steriliser.


1205 baby ess 8

Again a very personal preference, so we can only advise you on our own experiences. Before we had our first babies, neither of us understood the need for dummies and didn’t like the idea or look of them… After a few weeks in, we both very happily ate our hats and bought a dummy. Wow, what a life saver. Anything to give you a few extra winks. We both favoured the MAM Start dummies (£5.15 for a set of two). The newborn Start style are extra small and light with big air holes and a small symmetrically shaped silk teat. When your little ones get a bot older the glow-in-the-dark MAM dummies are fabulous and save lots of searching time in the dark in the middle of the night.

Night lights…

1205 new baby essAfter sleeping for the first few weeks with the en-suite bathroom light on and the door slightly ajar, it finally dawned on Katie that a nightlight could be useful for nighttime feeds without it being too bright for the baby and without waking up your partner beside you- sometimes you just don’t think of the obvious things. I had assumed that you only got a night light when your child was older and became afraid of the dark. I found this fabulous one from Babytec such a great buy and one we have subsequently used for years. It is a simple light with the options to turn it on/off, dim the light from extremely bright to very dim and autofade over 15 minutes. An alternative to the Babytec Autofade, and one which Georgie used was the Gro-egg Room Thermometer. Bright enough to allow you to see what you are doing in the middle of the night without having to turn the lights on. And it has the added bonus of also being a room thermometer.

White noise…


There are numerous options out there, be it an Iphone app, a fan blowing in the distance or as many of us parents know – the hoover! If you end up needing one, make sure you choose a product that can travel with you. You’ll discover that once you find something that works you won’t want to risk going anywhere without it. With Harriet we tried the Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear which was useless for us and ended up in the bin. We also tried a few apps, which didn’t work either, so eventually gave up. Since then however, we have heard great things about the  (£29.99) from numerous parents.

Bedside cots…


1205 new baby ess2

We both hear more and more often from new parents about how much their newborn didn’t like sleeping in a moses basket. None of our minis did either, so we thought we would show you a great alternative that’s currently on the market. The Chicco Next 2 Me Bedside Crib (£149.99) is much bigger than a moses basket and so would enable your baby to sleep in your room for a much longer period of time as some newborns get too big for their moses baskets after only a few weeks. It is designed to allow you to sleep next to your baby without sharing the same bed and the big bonus of the design, in our opinion, is that it can also be used as a travel cot. It is the lightest travel cot on the market at just 8 kgs and folds up into a practical travel bag. The height of the cot can be adjusted up to 6 different heights and it can also be inclined to help with a baby’s congestion and reflux. Georgie had something very similar when her boys were newborn, but it wasn’t anywhere near as practical as it was wooden. Because this isn’t a product that either of us have actually used, we had a good look at one in the flesh over the weekend and were really impressed. It is well a worth considering.

And a few little extra newborn essentials…

A box (or two!) of  for those middle of the day or night all up the back accidents,  (which are made from 99.9% purified water) for when you’re simply too tired to get a bowl of luke warm water and cotton wool and lastly, stock the fridge with some cabbage! This may be a little TMI, but cabbage leaves saved Katie. If for example you suffer from a baby who struggles to latch on, you are producing too much milk or you are about to drop some breast feeds to supplement with formula then you may end up suffering from engorged breasts. Green or white cabbage leaves placed inside your bra can help to draw out excess fluid and soothe and cool the pain. Just make sure to clean them before you use them and replace them once they feel wet. Keep the leaves in the fridge before you use them for added relief.

Don’t miss the next in the minis Series | New Parents and Parents-To-Be coming later this week – items to make new mums’ lives just that little bit easier in the beginning.


minis Edit | kids backpacks

With half terms and the big school holidays not too far away, our thoughts turn to days out and adventures with the kids. If your minis are anything like ours, then they like to be as independent as possible – which means hauling all of their own toys and snacks of choice along with them. To do this as efficiently as possible then surely you need a bag? Enter our minis Edit of some our favourite brands out supplying kids backpacks…

05:05 backpacks

  • 1 & 2 Mibo backpacks are made from 100% certified organic and have handy cotton magnet closures and adjustable shoulder straps. They produce a variety of different styles and our favourites are the Snow Leopard in mint green and the Penguin. Both are £29.50.
  • 3 & 4 Shown here in Sage Green and Purple, both £60.00. Kånken was originally released in 1978 to help prevent back problems seen among Swedish school children. The Kids version of the original backpack has straps that are designed to fit a small child’s back and a chest strap that holds the shoulder straps in place. We love these, and our minis all have one. The design is such a classic that we even use them as mini bags for us too at times. Don’t miss FREE DELIVERY WITH 15% OFF using code BONUS15 at the checkout.
  • 5 & 6 Urban Junk mini backpacks are bold, bright and far from ordinary. Such great fun for kids, we particularly like the and designs. Both are on sale at only £17.50 with free delivery.
  • 7 & 8 We first introduced the Herschel Supply Co backpacks back in our Alternatives to a Changing Bag Edit so you know we rate them as amongst our favourites. The Kids Survey backpacks feature coated ply fabric, magnetic strap closures and Herschel’s trademark striped lining. The Camo Survey Backpack is so cool and now reduced to £35.00 (from £50.00) and the Flamingo Survey Kids Backpack is £50.00

All of these brands, have so many different design and colour options for kids backpacks, it was hard to choose just a few to show you. Do go and take a look at the rest.