New Chanel CC Cream review

New Chanel CC Cream

The new Chanel CC Cream launched at the end of March this year and as I enjoy using the Les Beiges All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid I thought it would be worth seeing if it lived up to the Chanel name. Chanel had already launched a CC Cream previously but this one is a supposedly “new and improved” version. I did not try the old version so I can only comment on the most recent launch.

As you would expect from Chanel, the packaging for the CC Cream is sleek and understated. It is the same size as the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid – 30ml. This may seem small but a little goes a long way. As for what “CC” means, I have to admit that I have always been a bit baffled by the whole BB, CC, DD cream titling as the initials seem to mean different things to different brands. In Chanel’s case “CC” stands for Correction Complete and states it offers five actions in one simple step – it corrects, moisturises, soothes, protects and perfects.

It contains and SPF so it certainly is designed to protect (the SPF is 50 which is slightly overboard as SPF of 25 is generally thought of as sufficient). When I have used it does appear to soothe, moisturise and perfect. As you will see in the photos below, the redness in my skintone is evened out and when I washed my face at the end of the day it feels smooth and well moisturised without feeling greasy. It has more coverage than the Healthy Glow Cream although that too seems to blur imperfections somehow.

New Chanel CC Cream

The above photo is taken without any make-up on – scary! As you can see I suffer from redness across the cheeks and nose and the odd hormonal spot (those pesky little blighters).

New Chanel CC Cream

This next photo is after I have applied just the Chanel CC Cream (I am shade 30 Beige). I feel it has done a good job of evening out my skintone and even my undereye shadows are not too prominent to say there is no concealer. The finish is slightly dewy without being over shiny. The Healthy Glow Fluid feels more velvety somehow so may be better if you suffer from oily skin.

Chanel CC Cream3

The final photo is taken with a few finishing touches of make-up added. I used Amazing Cosmetic concealer under my eyes and a bit around my nose. I followed this with Nars Multiple in South Beach and Orgasm with a slight dusting of Chanel Les Beiges powder over the top. I added Maybelline Tattoo Cream Gel eyeshadow to finish off the daytime look.

All-in-all I am impressed with the new Chanel CC Cream and it is a definite must-have for my daytime make-up regime. Have you tried the Chanel CC Cream or are then other brands out there you feel deserve a mention?

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