Decorating a toddler boy’s bedroom

As some reader’s may know, I recently moved house and we are now starting the process of redecorating. Some rooms require less work than others, but we felt decorating Harry and Teddy’s bedrooms should be a priority in order to make them feel as though their rooms are truly their own spaces. When decorating a toddler boy’s bedroom we have been considering how it can grow with him and have a mix of child-like fun with timeless design. So, here are a few items on my wishlist for Harry’s bedroom…

toddler boy's bedroom

1. Sanderson Vrooom fabric – this is the one item on the list which we have definitely chosen for Harry’s blinds. The colour will brighten the room whist the vehicle design will satisfy his love of anything with wheels.

2. Snowpuppe Moth lampshade grandient in blue – the simple design with a hint of colour makes for a lampshade which will stand the test of time but is a fun change from a plain lampshade in a toddler’s bedroom.

3. The Conran Shop “Discover the World” felt map – an interactive felt map which can be used to decorate a wall as well as be played with whilst a mini lens about the world in which they live.

4. The Bright Company bedding set – we at minis AND MORE.. love the pyjamas so the bedding seems a natural choice.

5. Ferm robot cushion – a cute, fun cushion Harry can snuggle into to read a book

6. Little Helper 3D play rug – such a brilliant idea and fun addition to a bedroom of a toddler who loves any kind of vehicle!

7. Eames elephant – I have loved this for a long time – way before the boys came along. A fun heirloom.

8. PSikhouvanjou “The World” print – simple design with bright colours, perfect for a toddler boy’s bedroom.

9. Goodnight Light’s Origami boat lamp – this cute nightlight mirrors the lampshade’s colours to tie into the scheme

Are you in the process of decorating your mini’s bedroom? If so, we’d love to hear your ideas!


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