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Plae UKA new revolution in kids trainers has arrived from the USA… Using biometric science technology usually reserved for elite athletes, Plae has created shoes designed especially for a child’s foot. And here’s how…

Go Plae!

Plae shoes have been engineered to follow the natural contour of a child’s foot, leaving the cartilage and fledgling bone room to grow its own way.DSC_0059

Plae UK2With the dynamic traction of the shoes, little feet can feel the ground beneath them and get a grip on it. They also have super shock absorption and durable toe guards which are so important considering all of the chaotic activities children get up to each day. If yours are anything like ours, they simply DON’T. STOP. RUNNING. And because of all of this running about, one of the really important deigns on the shoes is that they have  washable anti-microbial inserts as well as the rest of the shoe being washable too. Ideal!TibaMarl - 14

TibaMarl - 17They come with a fun added bonus to get the minis involved in their shoe buying too. You can purchase interchangeable tabs to alter the design of the shoes. There are some fabulous options available to help get their creative juices flowing, see below.Plae UK tabsThe straps/tabs are available in 4 different sizes so can easily accommodate for thinner, wider or thicker feet. Some of the others we are love are…

Plae UK tabs 2



The shoes are amazingly lightweight and flexible. Our children have been our road testers with them for the last 6 weeks and I can promise you, they haven’t taken them off. If that’s not enough of a seal of approval then I’m not too sure what is.

Available in child size 26 to Junior size 36 and available at numerous retail outlets, a list of which can be seen online here. The UK website will showing the range and selling by February/March 2016 – we will keep you updated we promise.TibaMarl - 15These are a perfect dress up shoe, run around like a maniac shoe, play PE at school shoe, everyday school shoe, winter boot and more. There are so many styles, you’ll be sure to find one you love.

Plae insta shots2


Here are some pictures of the minis wearing their shoes and they regularly feature on our instagram feeds to, so do come and take a look…  and 

insta Plae


A big thank you to Plae who very kindly gifted the minis their Plae shoes.


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