Fashion edit | Brogues and loafers

As mums, constantly running about trying to squeeze everything into the 24 hours we have in a day, comfy shoes are a must. However, we don’t want to end up in clumpy, unattractive shoes which make us look less than the stylish individuals we all are. Brogues and loafers have been floating about for a while now but this season sees a top pick of designs and finishes. Perfect for dressing up or down and for making sure we get our “mum” jobs done whether it be the school drop-off, food shopping or running for a train. Here are some of our favourites.

Broguesbrogues for women

1. “Griffin Mabel” brogue by Clarks £50.00

2. “Rose” grain calf brogue by Grenson £200.00

3. “Macaroon” brogues by Rogues £169.00

4. “Ferne” rose gold brogue by Dune £99.00

5. “Rumour” brogues by Office £62.00

6. “McGurk” block heel brogue by Monsoon £59.00

Loafersbrogues and loafers

1. Fringe trim hassle loafers in silver by Marks & Spencer £35.00

2. Embellished loafer by ASOS Metaphor £40.00

3. “York” black loafer by Hudson £135.00

4. “Garance” leopard pony loafer by Air & Grace £175.00

5. “Extravaganza” loafer by Office £65.00

6. Pink patent tassel front loafers by New Look £22.99



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