Salt-Water Sandals

These sandals are so good they deserve a post of their own. So here it is…

Our minis have been wearing Sun-San Salt-Water Sandals for 3 years now. We love them. As well as having numerous classic unisex designs with great colours and finishes, the best thing about them is they can be worn in the water – ideal for all the pebble beaches in the UK and anywhere else for that matter.


The more the minis wear them, the more they mould to their feet. They are made with a sturdy, yet flexible rubber sole and really durable leather straps. And most importantly, we haven’t had a single blister or rubbed foot between our minis. If you do get any sore spots, then the advice is to wear the sandal in water and then allow it to dry whilst wearing it.


Harry is wearing the Sun-San Surfers (£38.00) and Harriet is wearing the Salt-Water Originals (£38.00)

There are two styles of soles in the range –

  • the Salt-Water Original – this has a flexible rubber sole and visible leather stitching. They are available in one design only, but numerous colours; and
  • the Sun-San – these are the little sister brand to the Salt-Water. The Sun-Sans include the designs Swimmer, Surfer, Shark, Strappy, Strapwee, Sweetheart and Seawee. They feature a bonded spongier sole base which makes them great for bouncing minis. It is the perfect sole for toddling minis.

So far, we have tended to stick with the more classic colours between us, but there are some really fun and bright ones available – yellow, pink, purple, turquoise, lime green, orange… They really are all worth a look. They range between circa £35.00 and £42.00.

20:05 sandals

Photo taken at one of our favourite retailers, and where we buy all of our Saltwaters from: ParkLife Kids in Winchester

Be sure to print off this handy size chart of you are buying online.

And for those of you mums who like a spot of twinning with your minis, they do the Salt-Water Originals in adult sizes too so don’t forget to take a look. Georgie is wearing the gold ones in the picture above and loves them.



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  1. Jenny 21st May 2015 / 6:59 am

    We bought our sun san sandals about a month ago because the local kids shoe shops that stock them tend to sell out really fast. I would advise people to get in there quick. And they might seem quite expensive, but are totally worth it.
    Ps. I love that photo of Harriet covered in ice lolly!

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