Facial cleansers | cleansing routine and current favourites

We both love a bit of skincare and have a fair mix of facial cleansers between us that we swap and change between – creams, gels, balms and also oils – so we thought we would film a video to show you what we both like to use and how we use them. From the easy morning cleansers that we use in the shower, to the more luxuriant balms that we take our make-up off with at night (and use as masks too). Here are our current favourites and cleansing routine. And don’t miss our tips for cleansing at the bottom of the post…



Here are the ones we talk about:



Katie’s cleansing favourites

Georgie's cleansing dafvourites

Georgie’s cleansing dafvourites

A few tips from us both when incorporating a cleansing routine into your day:

  • Cleanse every morning and night – whenever we get a bit lazy, you can tell by our skin, so try to keep in a routine as best as you can.
  • Apply cleanser to dry (not wet) skin for the best results.
  • Double cleanse if you are wearing a lot of make-up, wear waterproof make-up or are wearing an SPF.
  • Use a fresh muslin cloth or flannel to remove your make-up after applying water and emulsifying your cleanser on your face – we both stock up on flannels from Ikea. Use them daily and then wash them to keep bacteria at bay.



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