Kids AW15 fashion trends | comic book

Superheroes and comic book inspiration is one of the many prominent trends we have seen in kids’ fashion this season. Although there is always a hint of it out there, it really has filtered into many of the collections. This trend is sure to excite the kids and completely capture their imagination at playtime. Here is a selection of what is out there for your little Superman or Wonder Woman.

Kids AW15 fashion comic book trend1. Superman T-shirt and comic printed trousers by Zara £8.99 and £8.99 – Harry and Teddy have the trousers and love racing about in them.

2. Navy superhero sweatshirt by Stella McCartney £65.00

3. Sweatshirt by H&M £9.99 – keep is light with these fun motifs – available up to age 14 so if you’re a petit woman this may fit you as well at a bargain price!

4. Lighting bolt swimming trunks by Beanie & Bear £54.00 – Flash Gordon has nothing on these!

5. Pow Backpack and lunch bag by Babymel £25.00 – even superheroes need to stop for lunch and this is perfect for sandwiches and snacks.

6. Intechangeable tabs for Plae shoes £3.50 – make shoes fun with these bright tabs for Plae shoes (available this month).

7.  The Flash red long sleeved top by Next £9.00 – £10.00 – just making a statement…flash, moi?

8. Animal camo sweatshirt and joggers by Molo €39.95 and €28.95 respectively – a cuter version of G. I. Joe (or Jane!) in these prints.

9. Little Hero tights by Braveling £15.99 – Georgie has these for Teddy and teams them with his Etre Petit blue sweatshirt with red planets for his own take on being a superhero.

10. Padded body warmer by H&M £17.99 – Batman would definitely wear this on a chilly night fighting crime.

11. Superhero rules T-shirt by River Island £8.00 – ’nuff said.

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