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We have seen how wild animals play a big theme in clothing this season but the native fox has been a favourite for a while.  Here are our picks of what you can find for your little one in kids fashion right now.

Kids fashion trends foxes1. Just Call Me Fox sweatshirt by Tobias & the Bear £21.00

2. Just Call Me Fox leggings by Tobias & Bear £16.00

3. Fox knee socks by Mini Dressing at Little Reds Boutique £8.00

4. Fleece lined hat by Mini Boden £16.00

5. Fox sweatshirt by Bobo Choses €49.00

6. Fox print leggings by Zara Kids £6.99

7. Leather basketball boots with fox design by Zara Kids £17.99

8. Fox T-shirt by Zara Kids £8.99

9. Animal skirt in Caramel by Emile et Ida at Scandimini £32.00

10. Dark grey melange fox bubble dress by Noe and Zoe at Yellow Lolly £31.50


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