Getting your minis in the kitchen | with the Bella Extract-Pro Blender and Just Super Juice

bella kids smoothie

At 3 years-old, Harriet and Harry have become really interested in cooking and helping out in the kitchen. A great way to get them involved and without having to worry about hot saucepans and sharp knives is to make smoothies together. Our friends at Just Super Juice (who very kindly sent us both a 3-day cleanse in the Summer) had sent us some recipes for children’s smoothies and juices and we wanted to start trying them out. We both have very heavy, old school glass blenders, and so were on a mission to find a more child-friendly version. That’s when we met some of the lovely team at Bella Housewares…

Meet the Bella Extract-Pro Blender

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To give you some of the technical details about the Bella blender… It has two blade attachments, a blending one and a grinding one (perfect for those mum and dads that love their coffee fresh!). It has a power output of 700 watts, 7 pre-programmed settings plus variable speed settings and pulse functions, an ice crushing function and double action blade. The blender comes with a 1.5 litre jug, two 700ml tall and one 350ml tumblers and includes a solid lid, a travel lid and a tumbler ring.



And to tell you about why we love it and why it’s perfect for using with the kids… It has a large plastic 1.5 litre jug, so it is no way too heavy for the children to handle. It has removable blades which can, along with the rest of the pieces be placed straight into the dishwasher – the easily removable blades make a huge difference when washing it all up – because let’s face it, we all hate that part!



The blender has suction feet, so stays in place once you place it on the kitchen surface – a really important safety feature in our eyes. The different sized tumblers are all really handy and mean you can make numerous different smoothies at the same time and then store them in the fridge easily. And lastly, the travel lid is perfect for early mornings for mum and dad on the go.



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Here are the yummy recipes from Just Super Juice – they went down very well with the minis.

Super Summer Smoothie

1 x golden delicious apple
1/2 x banana
Handful of frozen summer fruits berries
Natural yoghurt
Slice apple and place through your juicer (or alternatively use a natural apple juice). Place banana, berries, 2 table spoons of yoghurt and apple juice into your blender (if you use fresh berries then add a cup of ice too). Pour & enjoy.

Mango Medley


1 x medium peach
1/2 x ripe mango
Natural Yoghurt
Vanilla essence
1 cup of ice
Place mango chunks, sliced peach, vanilla yogurt and crushed ice into blender. Turn on until the texture us right for you (usually about 30 seconds depending on blender). Pour & enjoy.
bella kids2
The Bella blender retails at a fabulous purse friendly price of £59.99 and you can get it here.

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