Just Juices 3 day cleanse review and giveaway!

Just Juices 3 day cleanse

At minis AND MORE…, we are no strangers to juicing. We both own juicers which we regularly use to produce both sweet and savoury juices to supplement our diet. Juicing is a great way to kickstart getting the body back into a more balanced lifestyle so when Just Juices, a specialist company which was founded in early 2013, suggested we try a 3 day cleanse with their Superjuice program, we jumped at the chance.

Just Juices is a company set up to provide readymade juices which are cold pressed (this retains more nutrients as absolutely no heat is produced to kill them off and helps to keep the sugar level down). The cleansing programmes help to make you stop and think about what you could cut down / remove from your current diet in order to maintain a healthy way of eating. The juices not only use fruit and vegetables (which are sourced locally to Just Juices in the UK) but each juice contains a different “superfood” to boost the health benefits of each juice (Chia seeds or Acai berry anyone?).


Opening up the cardboard cool box – 15 exciting and fresh juices for the next 3 days ahead

We started our 3 day cleanse on a Monday. The programme is made up of 5 different juices which you drink at intervals throughout the day whilst making sure you drink a hot water and lemon in the morning and then go on to drink 2 litres of water in-between the juices. A real bonus about Just Juices 3 day cleansing program is that is requires no real effort. It easily works around you as you can grab a juice and go (unlike when juicing yourself where you have to prepare the fruit and vegetables, juice them, maybe then blend them and then wash all the apparatus before starting again a few hours later).

The juices arrived in their own cardboard cool box (see above) with details of each of the juices and advice on which drink to have at which interval throughout the day. The 5 juices included were – Boost It, Immunity Kick, Berry Young, Protein Punch and Mental Edge, with each having their own unique role.

The juices are refreshing. They are not sweet like smoothies and some are more bitter than others, so if you are not used to juices they may taste a bit odd to begin with. Our favourite was Immunity Kick.

We both suffered from the expected headaches that come with caffeine withdrawal – Katie more so than Georgie, but we ploughed on through. What we didn’t suffer with through the 3 days was hunger. This surprised us both. We did both have a light supper on a couple of the nights, which they say you can have. Georgie made either a homemade soup or salad and Katie cooked grilled courgettes one night and homemade gazpacho soup for another.


All lined up in the fridge and ready to start

After the cleanse we both saw a number of improvements and benefits.

Georgie felt her skin was clearer (not perfect, but a definitely improvement). Also, she felt her stomach was not as bloated (which is always a bonus). Since the cleanse Georgie has cut down on caffeine (if caffeine is required she drinks Green Tea rather than tea or coffee). Other changes are red meat only twice a week and wine only at weekends (although Thursday is occasionally counted as the gateway to the weekend). She would not  personally recommend doing the cleanse during a hormonal time of the month as if you tend to get light-headed during these times it might be a bit too much if you are not used to a cleansing program.

Katie generally felt much fresher, in her skin and digestive system. She felt full far more quickly when eating and has since found that she is more aware about what she is eating and the amount of food on her plate. She is now trying to continue starting her day with a hot water and lemon drink and is cutting down on caffeine generally – often replacing hot drinks with peppermint and green tea.

Neither of us undertook the 3 day Super Cleanse to achieve weight loss so we are unable comment on that aspect of juicing. Personally we feel this kind of cleanse should be seen as a start to altering a way of eating rather than a quick-fix to losing weight.

Just Juices 3 day cleanse

Easy on-the-go juicing

Now it’s your turn to try this convenient, healthy program. Just Juices have kindly offered a 3 day cleanse program worth £60.00 for one lucky winner. The details of how to enter are set out below. Please note that should you have any medical conditions, you consult a doctor before undertaking any sort of cleansing program.

So why not step back, reset and recharge your body & mind today…

To Enter

  1. Subscribe to our blog (for free) – it only takes a minute and you will get updates on new posts and any future giveaways. The subscription box is just on the right hand side of our blog (or at the bottom if you are subscribing on a phone or tablet).
  2. In the comment box below this post, tell us why you want to try the cleanse program.
  3. For extra chances of entering follow us both on Instagram @Georgie_minisandmore and @Katie_minisandmore and Twitter at (navigation buttons on the right) and follow the instructions on our posts which we will be putting up throughout the competition. One entry per social media outlet so you have three chances to enter!

Now for the Terms and Conditions

  1. The competition will run from 6:00am GMT on 16th June 2015 until midnight GMT on 10th July 2015.
  2. The competition is open to entrants aged 18 and over.
  3. The winner will be chosen at random (using www.random.org) and will be announced via social media outlets and will also be contacted in person either by email or direct message – so make sure you have subscribed and left your email address in the comment box form (your email address will not be visible to the public).
  4. The brand Just Juices are kindly giving the lucky winner a 3 day cleansing program of their Just. Superjuices. Their mailing address is 11a, Charnock Road, Liverpool, L9 1UT.
  5. The prize will be sent out within 28 days of the winner being announced via Just Juice’s courier.
  6. The competition is open to UK entrants only.

 Although we were gutted the Just Juices 3 Day Cleanse Program all opinions are our own.

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  1. Jenny 16th June 2015 / 7:50 am

    I’d love to have a go at juicing. If I win this I’ll be able to do it during the week before my wedding. I’ll feel good and it might help my dress fit a little better!

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