Homemade Fathers Day gift

As Fathers Day approaches we thought we’d get our little ones to make something for their Daddies. This craft is easy to do as they can be messy and the result can still look good. Harry and Harriet were joined by their friend and after some playtime in the fabulous sunshine they came in to cool down and get to work on the handmade gifts.

They made a little dish so that their Daddies have somewhere to put their loose change, keys and phone when they get home.

What we used:

  • Cardboard tray – organic tomatoes usually come in them, especially from Tescos.
  • PVA glue.
  • Magazine cut-outs – we used sports cars but any magazine images will work – do not use images printed on a printer as the ink will smear.

The method was so easy – the little ones had to cover the tray in glue and stick the images on in a collage style. The more glue the better as it dries clear to create a seal.

handmade fathers day gift

handmade fathers day gift

handmade fathers day gift

handmade fathers day gift

handmade fathers day gift

We finished off the trays by spraying the bottoms with some spray paint we already had. Acrylic paint would work just as well.

If there is no time to spare to make these, do not fret! Read our post on our top picks of gifts out there for Fathers Day.


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