Fathers Day Gifts

As Fathers Day is nearly here, it’s time to think about what your mini’s Daddy might enjoy receiving from their little one. We have found a selection of gifts ranging from the classic, to the quirky, to the cool. Hopefully there is something featured for most Dads out there.

fathers day gifts

1. Emoi Emoi “Papa Cool” sweatshirt €80.00 – simple sweatshirt with a twist. Easy to wear for all those cool “Papas” out there.

2. Hermes silk tie £140.00 – a true classic. This one has tiny ladybirds on it which from a distance looks like a pattern so it is a good mix if your Dad is not sure about having the classic Hermes animal print as it is not too obvious.

3. Traditional wet shave From about £30.00 – this one (Pall Mall Barbers has shops in London). The mens’ equivalent of a facial. A bit of luxury and time to themselves.

4. John Lewis portable digital shower radio £49.95 – handy not just for the shower but for in the garden as well. We love the simple, un-fussy design.

5. Hunter Gardener Clogs £45.00 – perfect if (like the minis AND MORE… Daddies) your Dad has a love of gardening as they are quick to pop on to do a bit of watering/weeding or to just wander about admiring their handiwork.

6. Made By Dad £12.08 – a gift to get your mini and their Daddy working as a team on fun projects.

7. Vilbrequin matching swimwear From £75.00 for kids – we love our kids matching their Daddy’s Vilbrequin swimming trunks. They do look adorable. A word of warning though, the sizing is small!

8. Kanken backpack £60.00 – this backpack is big enough to lug around all the essentials and stylish enough for your Dad not to loose his cool. Maybe the kid’s version could mean dad and their mini person can go on adventures together – see our Nature Hunt post.

9. Land Rover 4 x 4 Driving experience prices vary – not a cheap option but if your Dad loves the outdoors and cars this may just be the perfect day out (they do have last minute deals available).

There’s just a few ideas but if none of those are quite right, we have a craft post for a handmade Fathers Day gift the kids can make for the special man in their lives.


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