Halloween Safety with Escapade Pumpkin Light Deluxe

Halloween is only a few nights away and with parties being planned and costumes being decided upon, decorations are the next thing to think about. Carving pumpkins is a tradition carried out by most families but using candles to light them (as most of us have done in the past) can prove a safety risk not worth taking, sadly highlighted when in the UK Claudia Winkleman’s daughter’s costume caught fire when it came into contact with a candle last year at a Halloween party. As a result, Halloween Safety is now of prime importance in our households.

Halloween pumpkin carving and Escapade Pumpkin Light Deluxe


Halloween minis and more

Halloween2 minis and more

We were approached by Escapade, the London-based fancy dress specialists asking if we had heard of their “Flameless Halloween” campaign which aims to highlight and hopefully reduce the risk of open candles used at Halloween and other seasonal events such as Bonfire Night and even Christmas when lanterns may be lit. They have produced a Pumpkin Deluxe Light which is designed to replace a candle. It is an LED light which has many different colour combinations and is battery operated (so no mains plugs involved).

We were kindly gifted some of these Pumpkin Lights and needed no better excuse to get carving pumpkins. Harry, Harriet and Teddy loved getting involved and loved how the LED lights changed colour and how bright they were in the dark. We think you will agree, the Pumpkin Light Deluxe is a fun and safe alternative to a candle.

Halloween4 minis and more

Halloween pumpkin carving and Escapade Pumpkin Light Deluxe



The information on Escapade’s website is a good reminder of how we somehow forget how dangerous open flames can be around children as we dot carved pumpkins with tea lights around the house as decorations. They have been offered advice from St John Ambulance, the Children’s Burns Trust and Fire Service and Rescue centres across the country. The Community Safety Officer of Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service states,

“Never let children play near candles. If children or adults do come into contact with flames, they are advised to ‘Stop, drop and roll’. Make sure that candles are securely placed in a correct holder away from draughts, and placed where they are not likely to be knocked over. Ensure that all candles are extinguished completely at night. Ideally we recommend the use of LED candle lights in pumpkins rather than actual candles. If you are using decorative lights in your home, ensure that the electricity sockets are not overloaded”

The light can be purchased here at a special price of £1.99.

Escapade Pumpkin Light

Are you more aware of Halloween Safety this year?

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