Baby Christmas gift guide

If your little one is having their very first Christmas it is a magical time which only becomes more fun as they grow up. Although they will not be aware of what is happening, we bet they will love family being around them, wrapping paper flying about and attention all on them. We have looked at some cute stocking fillers and here are some larger gifts we think will delight your baby this Christmas.

Baby Christmas Gift Guide2

1. Alimrose doll at Cottage Toys assorted designs and prices £21.99 to £34.00 (see more about them here) – these are wonderfully soft with no parts to come off in a baby’s mouth!

2. Extra large wooden rainbow by Grimm at Love To Be Natural £54.95 – we included the small rainbow in stocking fillers but this extra large version can be used in so many different ways – from a stacking toy, to a tunnel to a little seat!

3. Pearly metal ride-on car by Stella & the Stars £99.00 – a chic gift which will last many years.

4. Grey ducky by Normann Copenhagen at Cissy Wears £92.00 – this is a bit of an extravagance but a stunning piece of craftsmanship.

5. Epic blanket by Zilla at The Wee Department Store £50.00 – Georgie bought this as a present for her friend’s baby and Harriet had them as a baby (and still does). The little finger puppets are perfect for learning all the different animals, singing songs and making up stories. The puppets can provide great in pram entertainment.

6. Retro style leather and wood rocking horse by Moulin Roty at Cottage Toys £140.00 – this is simply stunning and the seat makes it easier for little ones to learn how to sit on it rather than the ones without a back.

7. Playtime pond playmate by The Manhattan Toy Company at Lucy and Belle £39.00 – this was too adorable not to include.

8. Bowling set by Nobodinoz at Hip Little People £39.00 – a good first game for a little person – basic rules and a fun indoor game which has been beautifully designed.

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