Kids’ birthday party gifts for under £15.00

Christmas has been put to the back of our minds, the new school term is well under way and with that come a flurry of new birthday party invites. It can be tricky figuring out what to buy for a little one on their birthday – especially when it’s not your own child so you don’t know their likes or dislikes. You also want to make sure it’s not something which the parent may hate – nothing noisy, battery-filled, or with too many flashing lights. We have put together an edit of some kids’ birthday party gifts which might help making the decision a little bit easier.

kids' birthday gifts1. Modern Pebbles Dolls by Rock & Pebble at Scandi Mini £16.00 – these are just simply adorable little companions.

2. Giant Colouring poster – London by OMY £9.50 – Harry has one of these posters on the kitchen wall. All the kids love it when they come over and play. It’s not the neatest colouring but it’s lovely to have a collage off work ongoing! You could always add a pack of colouring pencils as well.

3. Create Your Own Solar System by Clockwork Soldier £9.99 – Harry was given this for Christmas. The game is based on snakes and ladders and as you journey through the solar system you can find out about the planets.

4. Tangram duo by Mon Petit Art at Toyella £12.99 – kids seem to love these sorts of games and they are perfect for popping in your bag when out and about to keep them entertained.

6. Alpha Bracelets Kit £8.50 – for the little jewellery designer out there. Cute pieces can be made and even shared.

5. Pop To Play garage by Djeco at Cissy Wears £9.99 – the Djeco Pop To Play series are perfect gifts 0 they not only do this garage but also a farm, palace, castle and pirate ship. Add one of the Djeco Arty figures (or in this case a car) and its ready to play.

7. Nano block giant panda at Cissy Wears £8.99 – Harry did a nano block with his Daddy over Christmas. The pieces are tiny so watch them around babies but it helps with concentration and pincer grasp as well as being something which can be done together.

8. Storybook torch by Moulin Roty at The Wee Department Store £11.00

9. Round faces memory game by Ingela P Arrhenius at Molly Meg £10.50 – we have given this gift quite a few times as it seems really popular. The round faces make it fun and interesting to play.

10. Hexa kit: six piece set by Stick-lets at Toyella £12.99 – for the adventurer to build dens and hideouts.

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