New mum fashion

When both Katie and Georgie became new mums they wondered how they would ever be dressed before midday ever again. They also didn’t know what would be easy and comfortable to wear whilst out and about with the little ones and what would be good for breast feeding so as not to run the risk of exposing yourself to the unsuspecting public. Although many books, articles and advice given says you’ll stay in maternity clothes for a while, if we’re honest, we couldn’t wait to be out of them and get back to dressing for us as well as for practicality. With this in mind, we thought we’d put together a couple of outfits which might make getting dressed as a new mum make you feel a bit more like your old self.

new mum fashion1. Black slim leg dungarees by River Island £48.00 – dungarees are a mum’s best friend. They skim over a “mum mum” are easy to unclip to breastfeed and the all-in-one means that when you have to bend over to pick things up, rummage through your bag for wipes etc, there is no bum cleavage>

2. Sadie overskirt by Hush Homewear £59.00 – a good throw on lightweight jacket makes breastfeeding easier.

3. Cashmere rainbow breton sweater by Wyse London £160.00 – adding a bit of colour and warmth. Wear the vest (5.) underneath and you can unclip the dungarees, pull up the jumper and have easy access to unclipping the vest.

4. Patent leather loafers by Air + Grace £150.00 – as you may know from previous posts, Air & Grace are ridiculously comfortable to wear. These loafers will go with so many wardrobe items, they will become well loved…and if you enter MINIS15 when purchasing, you’ll receive 15% off until the end of January on any style.

5. White nursing vest by Next £18.00 – an essential if breastfeeding.

6. Beatrice Orange changing bag by Jem + Bea £199.00 – add some “POW!” colour-wise to your day with Jem + Bea’s very stylish and covetable changing bag (see previous post for more details).

new mum fashion1. Oversized denim shirt by Top Shop £34.00 – shorts are always a good choice if breastfeeding and this oversized one can hide any wobbly bits post-baby.

2. White nursing vest by Next £18.00 – essential!

3. Bi-colour scarf by Mango reduced to £14.99 – a scarf can double as a modesty cover if you are breastfeeding or a blanket for your little one.

4. Leather and Gabardine stretch leggings by Me + Em £348.00 – pricey but so versatile.

5. Boundary biker boots by H by Hudson reduced to £60.00 – H by Hudson are comfortable shoes and boots. A pair of bikers will always be a good buy. Georgie bought some when pregnant with Teddy and still gets lovely comments on them when out and about.

6. Metallic black and white teething bangles by Nibbling £16.00 – if your baby like to put things in their mouth then teething jewellery is a stylish way to carry something for them to chew on.

7. Elwood Floral backpack by Tiba + Marl £115.00 – we love Tiba + Marl’s prints and their backpacks are so useful.

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