New Year, new gym and fitness gear

So many of us have such good intentions to make 2016 the year we get a bit more healthy, fit, active and we don’t know about you, but looking at least half decent when doing exercise can make it that bit easier. So throw off your partner’s old T-shirt (not in the gym as you might get banned) and get some new gym and fitness gear to energise yourself for the year ahead.

fitness and gym gear

1. The Hoop earphones by Coloud £29.95 – Georgie looked at these when researching for the post we did on the kid’s Coloud’s earphones and was kindly sent some to try out as music is definitely one of the best ways to keep you going and motivated. They are designed with a little hoop (hence the name!) at the top of the earpiece so it can be adjusted to fit in the ear perfectly which makes them very comfortable. The earpieces themselves are made so as to prevent sweat from interfering with sound as it can become uncomfortable with regular earphones. Georgie tried them our at the gym and they stayed firmly in place whilst not being irritating.

new gym and fitness gear Coloud Hoop earphones

2. UP2 Fitness tracker by Jawbone £89.99 – we would definitely not mind wearing this – it looks like a rather gorgeous piece of jewellery. Not only does it track fitness and movement but it can also monitor your sleep and recommend adjustments to hopefully improve rest…although it won’t make little ones suddenly have the ability to sleep through the night!

3. Water bottle by Infruition £14.99 – plain water is just dull but add some cucumber, lemon or strawberries and it is suddenly much easier to drink your recommended daily intake. (we add mint, lemon and ginger to our water as recommended by a friend and it tastes lovely).

4. Sports bra High Support by H&M £19.99 – we all need a sports bra, don’t we girls!

5. Namaska yoga vest by Sweaty Betty £50.00 – we love the back strap detail of this top.

6. Raf floral holdall by Tiba + Marl £120.00 – Georgie and Katie use their Elwood backpacks all of the time, but this holdall is so roomy – we have seen a sneak peak of a new cool, fun cartoon like print which may hopefully be launching soon which is just as fab as the existing prints.

7. WOW Pacer Vault back swimsuit by Maru at Swim Supplies reduced to £23.50 – £28.20 in sale – brilliant fun from this swimwear brand. Their prints definitely want you to take to the pool. Stylish yet practical enough to keep everything contained (no straps coming undone during a length, if you know what we mean…).

8. Feather fitness leggings by Arara £50.00 – Their leggings have amazing prints and designs…it’s just which ones to choose.

9. Women’s GT1000 4 trainer by Asics at Sweaty Betty £100.00 – Asics are a good quality trainer which caters for all kinds of runners and training activities.

10. Magic carpet yoga mat from Anothropologie reduced to £47.95 in sale – if you’re into Yoga or Pilates, having your own mat rather than one everyone else has used at the gym is a must. This one is just so pretty – something to focus on whilst doing the always excruciating plank!

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