winter sun and christmas getaways | Coloud’s The Boom Kids earphones

Coloud kid's earphones

We continue our series on all things fashion and lifestyle which might make a Christmas getaway, be it going to some far off shore or visiting loved ones that bit easier. Coloud approached us to see what we thought of their child-friendly earphones. Although we like to think the kids can be entertained with gorgeous little toys and games we chose, we can’t deny that a tablet with games and a few cartoons can really help make a long journey a bit more bearable…for parents and kids alike!

Coloud kid's earphones

Coloud’s kid’s earphones are bright and colourful. With a strong design in black, white and neon they appeal to both boys and girls. Inside one of the ear pieces is a volume control which the parent can set so as not to make then sound too loud in your little one’s ears. This was simple to use and the ear pad was easy to put back on. The headband part is small to fit a child’s head without being uncomfortable.

Coloud kid's earphones

Harry has tried the earphones and found them very comfortable. He has even asked if he can wear them when in the house.

Coloud kid's earphones

 The Boom Kids earphones are definitely great in making sure kid’s ears are not damaged by too high a volume. A pair would make a great addition to a stocking especially if planning any long journeys.

Winter sun and Christmas fun | keeping your children safe with Merci Maman’s ID bracelet

As the Christmas holidays approach, we will be planning how to keep our kids from going crazy in the house as the excitement for Christmas builds. We are aware that although we want to allow our kids some freedom, in busy attractions during the school holidays it can be all to easy to lose sight of your precious little one.

Merck Maman personalised Kid's ID bracelet

Merci Maman personalised Kid's ID bracelet

Merci Maman kindly provided Harry with an ID bracelet earlier this year and he wears it when we are out and about. It is a bit more fashionable than many of the kid’s ID bracelets out on the market and Harry loved the fact he could choose the colour of the thread used. It could also be used as a Medical ID bracelet as they will engrave whatever you request. Harry’s bracelet has his name and Georgie’s mobile number on it just in case of an emergency.

Merci Maman Kid's ID bracelet

We went for the Open Disc style of ID bracelet but Merci Maman do have various options available. It is reasonably priced yet ticks the boxes style-wise. There is even an option to have a pair… A definite minis AND MORE… option!

Minis takeover | Zoobug founder Dr. Julie Diem Le

Although Winter is associated with grey skies and dark afternoons, when the sun does shine it is truly beautiful and bright. Also, as some of us are going away to escape the Winter chill, we thought we would ask the incredibly busy founder of Zoobug (a specialist in children’s eyewear), Dr. Julie Diem Le if she would take time out of her hectic schedule to answer our questions, not only about the importance of sun protection for kids’ eyes but also about kids’ eye health in general. In fact, it was from being introduced to Zoobug which prompted us to have our little ones eyes checked which we will write about soon.

Zoobug Winter sun kids sunglasses - minis AND MORE...

1. What made you want to specialise in kids’ eyewear and set up Zoobug?

I was looking for sunglasses for my 1 year old niece at the time. It was in 2006, and I couldn’t find any labels that specialised in frames exclusively for children. It was frustrating – there was so little available. That was the start of Zoobug and our first sunglass collection launch came soon after.

2. What are some basic signs parents/carers can look out for when it comes to checking their children’s eye health?

We always advise regular eye checks. There are some signs such as children rubbing their eyes, but really the best thing to do is to have regular tests because some eye conditions can only be identified by a specialist during this examination.

3. At what age should parents/carers consider booking in their child’s first eye test?

Some parents think you can only have a test when your child can read but that’s not true, you should start to take your children to an optician from a young age as pre-schoolers. In the UK the tests are free for children. Don’t wait for your kid’s school to suggest a test – see the visit to the optician as part of your child’s health programme just like visits to the dentist.

4. What do you recommend that parents/carers check for when looking at frames for their children?

Frames are now available in all shapes and sizes – glasses and sunglasses. Quality is the key. With specs, we have focused on creating designs that are made to fit children specifically with features that help secure the frame. The kids’ frames you can find now are fun and colourful, but as a parent I would always go back to checking fit and comfort as these are the features that will make wearing the frames more pleasurable. Some large designs may look cool but the frames have to have the right proportions on the face to ensure good vision. If they are too large, this will not be the case and they will also slide off the face.

One of our innovations – a special bridge that supports the frame on the tiniest faces – is one of the features of our Winning Polarised Sunglasses in the Junior Design Awards 2015, which were awarded Best Travel Product for Children. We have worked with kids closely to develop features that perform specifically for the kids and their daily needs when sitting, playing, studying in school etc.

Winter sun Zoobug Dr. Julie Diem Le

CHIC by Zoobug available in two sizes for 0-3 years and 4-9 years

Winter sun Zoobug Dr. Julie Diem Le

ROUND by Zoobug available in two sizes also for 0-3 years and 4-9 years

5. What is the importance of checking the type of lenses in sunglasses?

Always go for the best lenses. We use adult quality polarised lenses that protect and offer visual clarity (i.e. no blurring). I always recommend shatterproof lenses with 100% UV protection – and polarised because they give maximum optical clarity and cut through glare.

Winter sun Zoobug Dr. Julie Diem Le

Harry feels comfortable wearing his Zoobug sunglasses which are available in a variety of designs

Winter sun Zoobug Dr. Julie Diem Le

6. You work with eye charity Orbis donating eyewear to disadvantaged children across the globe – was this always part of the Zoobug ideology or has it grown over the years?

This is a new programme, in which we are donating frames for children abroad. Our latest donation has arrived in Zambia. Orbis UK has launched a government backed appeal for children there.

7. You are a trained eye surgeon. What are the main problems you have had to treat children for?

I saw a lot of conditions from the more common such as squint, red and watery eye to the rarer forms of congenital blindness present from birth.

We thank Dr. Julie Diem Le for answering our questions and for providing us with a look at Zoobug’s new range of children’s sunglasses. Whether off-piste on a skiing holiday, frolicking on the beach or simply going for a walk on a crisp, sunny Winter’s day, it is important to remember your little one’s eye health so damage is not caused by the harmful sun’s rays.

Winter sun | Beanie & Bear giveaway

Winter sun Beanie & bear kids swimwear giveaway

Whilst the excitement of Christmas mounts, there are many of us who will also be looking forward to a bit of Winter sun to warm the bones. As you know, we have featured Beanie & Bear previously and they are teaming up with us for a giveaway. Georgie has become a firm fan of their collection for her boys and plans on making 2016’s style a mainstay of their summer wardrobe.

Winter sun Beanie & bear kids swimwear giveaway

The bright neon accents teamed with great design make for perfect pieces around the pool or on the beach. Georgie has washed the T-shirts and also the swimming shorts and the colour is still as bright. Even hand washing the T-shirts on holiday did not affect them and they maintained their softness which was a definite bonus as Harry has such sensitive skin. Both boys have carried on wearing the T-shirts beyond holiday and the swim shorts make Harry the best dressed kid at the swimming pool.

Winter sun Beanie & bear kids swimwear giveaway

Winter sun - 4

Beanie & Bear are kindly offering one lucky winner either a T-shirt of their choice or the Celine dress (and an all important Beanie & Bear neon scrunchie) in a giveaway. All you have to do is follow the instructions below, but for an extra entry comment on the post below telling us what your favourite Beanie & Bear piece is. The winner will be announced on this post and via social media. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition will run from 12:00am GMT on 14th December 2015 until 12:00am GMT on 4th January 2016.

  • The competition is open to entrants aged 18 and over.
  • The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced via social media outlets and will also be contacted in person. Make sure you have subscribed to our blog so you can keep an eye out to see if you have won!
  • The brand Beanie & Bear are kindly giving the lucky winner the choice of either a T-shirt or a Celine dress (subject to availability) as well as a scrunchie. No cash alternative is available. Their mailing address is Derek Rothera & Company, Units 15 & 16 7 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7SL.
  • The prize will be sent out by Beanie & Bear.
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