The High Street Alice Melvin


I will admit to enjoying a spot of shopping every now and again, and Harriet seems to have followed in my footsteps (her poor Daddy!). So when I spotted this beautiful book by Alice Melvin, I had to buy it.


Sally, the character in the book, is a little girl who heads off to the high street with her shopping list of ten things to buy – a yellow rose, a garden hose, a bunch of grapes, roller skates… The question of whether she will find them is answered each time the pages are fully opened and the flap is lifted, displaying the delightful interior of each shop.


The images in the book are delightfully old fashioned and take us back to the high streets of days gone by. Harriet is intrigued by the detail in each of the shops and enjoys recounting the shopping list which is repeated on each page. She is remembering a little more of it each time. I have no doubt that this will soon be a story told from memory.


In my view, this is a must read for girls of any age. Harriet is young enough to appreciate the rhyming verse, colourful pictures and lift flaps and girls somewhat older would love the detail, beauty and responsibility given to the character Sally. A keepsake book of great quality.



Let us know if you seek out The High Street by Alice Melvin and enjoy it as much as we do.




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