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Now our eldest minis are over three, we are enjoying playing board games with them more and more. memory games are a fantastic way to teach kids about concentration and well, maintaining memory! Here are  our top picks of some of the memory games out there which we particularly like.

memory games for kids

1. Memory game round faces by Ingela P Arrhenius – Omm Design £9.99 at The Pippa and Ike Show – we both have this game and the illustrations of the human and animal faces are striking enough to make kids read the differences between them. This makes a perfect birthday present and it is not too big so we have found it perfect for taking away wit us.

2. Memo fish by Deco £5.95 at Birdkids – this cute game is fun and the fish shapes make it slightly different from other memory games out there. Harriet has this game and loves to take it out to a restaurant to keep her entertained.

3. Animal memory game £9.86 by Hape – this game is suitable for younger kids as the pieces are made out of wood to withstand any temptation to chew/bend.

4. Memory game £10.68 by Charley Harper  – truly beautiful illustrations and teaches kids about nature. His nature books are equally as stunning.

5. Stacking dolls memory game £8.84 by Bright Life Toys – these have to be shipped from America but how adorable are these? Amazing quality and unique gift.

6. Modern Art memory game £8.22 by AMMO Books – Georgie did History of Art as part of her degree so this appeals to hoping that Harry and Teddy grow to show an interest in art. Maybe for older children but the modern art is bright and fun for younger kids to see and get to know.

7. Fruit and Veggie memory game £15.95 by Plan toys – get the kids to know their pumpkin from their aubergine with this game made with wooden discs and lovely simple design.

8. Children of the World memory game £10.99 by Barefoot Books – the world is an increasingly small place to be and this game teaches kids about the different cultures and people around us.

If you haven’t got a memory game then we really do recommend them. Simple rules for the kids to understand and fun to play whilst teaching them important skills.

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