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My sons, Harry and Teddy have many similarities but they are poles apart when it comes to skin sensitivity. Harry suffers from eczema which is exacerbated by allergies to dairy, egg and peanut and also various skincare products and climatic change. Teddy is a tough little thing and so far is not showing signs of these issues. However, I am aware of what I use on their bodies and when the lovely people at Organic Babies asked if I wanted to trial some of their products I felt more than happy to do so.

Katie and I met Organic Babies and Green People at Bubble London and it was interesting to hear their philosophies behind the brand and what they aim for in effective yet natural skincare. It was also lovely to hear that 10% of net profit is donated to charities.

Organic Babies was founded along with its “grown up” brand Green People in 1997 and they have some core beliefs which I find extremely comforting, especially in baby and child skincare:

  • Their skincare is based on the concept of plant performance without compromise
  • They are dedicated to buying fair trade ingredients wherever possible
  • The products are 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free
  • They do not contain common irritants to skin and therefore are ideal for people suffering with eczema, psoriasis or rosacea (for example there are no paragons, lanolin, alcohol, colourants, petrochemicals or harsh foaming agents)
  • Their products are multi-award winning through vigorous parent testing panels

The products I am trialling are:

Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser – this will be a fantastic changing bag product if Harry’s skin doesn’t react to it. I find it hard as Harry’s skin reacts to hand sanitisers because of the alcohol and strong ingredients in them. This foam can be used for hands and if put on a cloth used to wipe faces, highchairs and toys. It uses Tea Tree extract as a natural anti-bacterial protection and has 96% certified organic ingredients. I think this could be a winner if it lives up to the claims!

Organic Babies Body Wash and Shampoo (scent free) – this is an ultra-mild wash and shampoo (I do like these all-in-one products for children as they are handy for travelling as well as making it easier to do a complete wash-down in the bath!). It can also be used as a bubble bath so Harry and Teddy can still enjoy the bubbles. It has over 80% certified organic ingredients and is also available in a Lavender Scent but with Harry’s sensitive skin this one is probably the safer option.

Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve – this can be used as a nappy cream (Teddy can be prone to nappy rash when teething) as well as used for isolated areas of irritated skin. I have two tubes so I think it will be handy to have one for the changing bag and one at home. It will be interesting to see if it works in cases when Harry tells me his hands or wrists are itching instead of using harsh chemical creams.

I will report back on how I have found the Organic Babies products to use and how effective I feel they have been in a few weeks when I feel I have given them a long enough trial. Although I have been gifted these products to trial, I will naturally give you my true and honest opinion.


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