review | St Tropez In shower tanning lotion

So, first there was shower gel, then moisturising shower gel, then moisturiser you could apply in the shower and now, it’s finally here, a tanning lotion you can apply in the shower for fast results which can fit in with our ever fast-paced lives. As mums, we hardly ever get time to pamper ourselves and as Summer is here, we would rather step out with a hint of colour so as not to scare the public with our almost translucent white limbs. With this in mind, when St Tropez announced its revolutionary in shower tanning lotion (available here), we immediately made a mental note that this is something we have to try…and we did.

St Tropez in shower tanning lotion

The instructions state to wash as normal in the shower and then, with the shower turned off to apply the lotion in circular motions onto the wet skin and then to leave for three minutes (they advise no longer) and then to wash it off.

It was an odd concept to get one’s head around – applying a fake tan to wet skin but we did as was instructed.  The lotion felt more creamy than anticipated which was a pleasant surprise and there is no fake tan smell. Whilst waiting, Georgie actually got out of the shower and cleaned her teeth (two minutes already gone) and then it was practically time to get back in the shower.

As the day went on, a subtle colour did develop – it is only a gradual tan, not a full on tanning lotion so it means colour can be built up. It is strange yet simple to do and can easily be fitted into a morning routine. If you are a user of fake tans and gradual tans it is definitely worth a go – actually, even if you haven’t used a fake tan, it is a simple one to use. No smell, quick results and no streaks – easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! The only thing we would say is that we still use our Clarins Self Tanning Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster for our face as you can use your regular cream with it. When Georgie did use the St Tropez on her face, she did get some small spots on her jawline. 

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