our staycation skincare essentials

Our series on packing for a staycation is now looking at our skincare essentials. When holidaying in the UK there is not usually the occasion to go too overboard with what we pack when is comes to skincare and beauty but it is comforting to have a few of your routine usuals in your bag. Here are our staycation essentials…

staycation skincare essentials

1. Clean skin 5-in-1 water £21.00 by This Works – fantastic for a quick freshen up in the day. This cleansing water smells divine which adds a little bit of luxury to an everyday product.

2. Makeup Melt gel-to-oil cleanser £24.00 by Bliss – a new find by Georgie. This takes away the need for a double cleanse so saves on taking two cleansers on holiday. You massage the gel into skin and over eyes until it becomes oil like then rinse and wipe away with a flannel or muslin cloth (see our video and post on cleansing for more details about our cleansing routines).

3. SPF 30 face sunscreen £14.95 by Green People – we were sent this to try by the lovely Green People and found it non-greasy yet moisturising enough to provide a good base before make-up.

4. Start Over eye cream £65.00 by Sunday Riley – this was a sample which is perfect for travelling. It reduces puffiness and aids with dark circles – what’s not to love? It really does make a visible difference to the eye area and has made it to the top of Katie’s favourites list.

5. Radiance face oil £30.00 by Balance Me – for use during the day or in the evening. It relaxes skin and moisturises after a day on the beach (weather permitting!).

6. Rejuvinating Radiance Oil for hair £26.25 by label.m – a lighter version of Morrocanoil (so not great for really thick and curly hair like Katie’s hair) it smells lovely and great for helping hair which has been blown about on the beach

7. Curl Cream £14.50 by label.m – very much like the curling cream featured in our video blog here. Perfect as it requires no real skill or styling!

8. In-shower gradual tan £14.50 by St Tropez – see our previous review on this. It is so much easier to use than we thought it would be. It gives a subtle glow as expected from a gradual tan so we will come home with a bit of colour, whatever the weather!

9. Arnicare £6.99 – we both bruise ridiculously easily so this is a must-have for helping bruises to heal that bit faster.

10. Quick drying moisturising oil spray £6.99 by Original Source (it was purchased in Boots but we could’t find it online – but they do sell it!) – this is new out and has a subtle smell. It feels soft on the skin and does not require ages to sink in.

11. Healgel Intensive £37.50 – we find this gel gentle but very effective on any spots which decide to make an appearance. It is also great to soothe any sunburn, and helps grazes and scars heal more quickly. A product our bathroom shelves are never without.

staycation skincare essentials

staycation skincare essentials=[

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