our staycation must haves

Georgie has now returned from her staycation in Devon. The sun shone for most of her and her family’s time there with the exception of one day so a good time was had by all. Here are the items she found were must haves after packing the car to the rafters. As you will see, as it was a staycation holiday, floaty dresses and lovely gold bangles were not called for (maybe later in the year). These are truly perfect items for a truly British holiday by the coast.

Huggies Little Swimmers Swim Pants

staycation must haves

Huggies were kind enough to send us some of their Little Swimmers swim pants to try out. Although Teddy has never had “proper” swimming lessons, he is a complete water baby and these were invaluable. They were easy to put on a struggling Teddy, who was desperate to get on with fun and not have to waste time taking off and putting on nappies. I slipped them on like pants and them simply undid them at the sides when it came to taking them off. Being a swim nappy they did not expand which made it more comfortable for Teddy to play and move about whilst holding in anything which you would not want escaping. Brilliant for a holiday involving the beach and an indoor pool.

Rockin’ Baby pouch

staycation must haves

One of the days was not as dummy as the others so we decided to visit Paignton Zoo. The pouch really helped as Teddy did not want to be in his pushchair, but as he is not walking yet the perfect solution was being able to put him in the pouch so he could see what was going on, remain happy and keep him entertained. The pouch is available here.

Green People suncare

We were sent some Organic Babies SPF 30 to try as Harry has reacted to every other sunscreen out there. Hand on heart, it did not react with his skin at all. So much so, we have stocked up. Georgie bought the Green Peoples SPF 15 which worked well and she did end up using the Organic Children’s aftersun which she found lovely and moisturising. Again, this did not react to Harry’s skin. The products are available here.

Hush denim shorts

staycation must haves

staycation must haves

Georgie ended up wearing these shorts for most of the holiday which were featured in the “Staycation packing for mums” post (it may have been different if the rain had been a constant feature). She liked the fact that they were slightly longer at the back which made them more flattering and comfortable to wear. The denim is soft which makes moving about in them easy as Teddy still requires constantly being picked up and put down and sand castles had to be built and then re-built after Teddy had come in carrying out his demolition work.

Sun-san and salt-water sandals

staycation must haves

We love these sandals for summer – so much so we have dedicated a post to them. Both Georgie and Harry wore theirs constantly throughout the holiday. They are soft leather but can get wet and not loose their colour or shape and available here. Absolutely brilliant!

Green Toys dumper truck

staycation must haves

Georgie bought this after seeing Harriet’s pink version in the March mini Favourites video post. Both Harry and Teddy did not stop playing with it on the beach. Digging was the main activity for them and this was perfect for moving loads of sand about the beach.

Rash vests

staycation must haves
Harry had a rash vest with a zip from Petit Crabe as featured in the kids staycation packing post and Teddy had a Gap Kids rash vest. The weather was fantastic so these really were invaluable. The Petit Crabe zip one was perfect as it was so easy to put on.

Tegu magnetic blocks

staycation must haves

We have featured these in our “What’s in our changing bag” video. They aren’t the cheapest building blocks out there but they have been well worth the money in keeping the little ones entertained in cafes and restaurants.

As you can see, it is not an endless list and hopefully you have some ideas from our previous posts on staycation packing. The items mentioned really were useful and well used and we were so pleased we remembered to pack them rather than the kitchen sink!

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